my role: Graphic / Motion designer, Content creator
collaborators: Jan Rambousek, Petr Dvořák, Jiří Kubík, Vojtěch Čada
About Automobilist
Automobilist captures the sport’s iconic moments, circuits, drivers and races in a unique and artistic manner and offers fans the highest standard of limited edition prints and posters.
Collaboration with Automobilist was unique, primarily due to the freedom we had in leading projects. There was no client saying "make it bigger" or "I want it like Apple..."
My role was a graphic / motion designer, mainly preparing key visuals and assets for the marketing team to launch new products. Typically, this involved creating animated social posts, product pictures, or shooting various editorial interviews.
Even the best caviar won't sell without a fragrant campaign.
Here's a small preview of the campaigns.
Christmas Everywhere
We baked Christmas cookies too
Product Pictures
For most new products, we created our own mockup templates.
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