Client: Beyli
Agency: Simpliste
Collaborators: Teodorik Menšl, Zdeněk Janáček, Ben Tuček, Yveta Kroupová, Tereza Košatová

I did a complex work for this project - from creating video spots, shooting content for the website, social and even printed magazine
to creating visuals for the campaign (cinemagraphs, CGI illustrations, Black Friday campaign etc.).
We believe smile is not just about the looks,
but about how it makes you feel inside.
That’s why our aim is that you feel good with :beyli
and with :beyli aligners.
Teeth aligning technology product bringing the top technologies from doctors directly to customers launched
in 2 European markets. We are taking care of the business model, go to market, marketing strategy and scaling.
A) Photoshoot
b) campaign visuals

visual for 30% sale campaign

CGI breakdown

black friday campaign

c) video spots
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