Botas 66 × Crooked

Crooked is a limited edition from the product line Urban, designeted (not only) for skateboarding. Simplified material cut solution with lesser amount of seams in combination with doubling of the material in the most tricky places and harder outsole made of highly durable rubber make the Crooked sneakers almost indestructible, which may be literally priceless for riders.

Client: Botas 66
Team: Kryštof Zika, Nikolas Tušl, Jiří Marshall
Soundesign: Ivan Horák
Cast: Adam Lukas​​​​​​​
The result bears in the swinging rhythm of sleepy autumn dreams and small bohemian pleasures set in the scenery of Czech countryside. With a bit of exaggeration it shows that BOTAS 66 shoes are for every evil.
The film with starring Prague skateboarding matador, “heart-breaker” Adam Lukas, starts with an unboxing and continues just with one long aaaah…
Bonus posters
And what does “crooked” exactly mean?
It is a popular skateboard trick that you’ll see done by Adam Lukas in the end of the video.
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